Finance is the new creative: Balance-sheet crunch leads ad and media businesses to seek new liquidity avenues

Digiday 31 Mar 2020 04:01

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First came the shock. Then came the bills.

Eager to maintain positive free cash flow as the coronavirus crisis enters a new month, every publisher or agency CFO is looking to prioritize two things: 1) Ensuring clients pay up any outstanding bills as quickly as possible. 2) Moving fast to pare down the bills flowing out from their own businesses — or finding a way to kick those cans down the road.

The pressure is on. An Interactive Advertising Bureau survey of 400 decision-makers at advertisers and agencies conducted last week found almost a quarter (24%) are pressing pause on all their ad spend for the first and second quarter of this year. Between March and June, “digital” spend is expected to drop by 33% and spend on “traditional media” is predicted to fall by 39%, according to the survey. Agency leaders are preparing for revenue hits of anywhere between 30-50% this year, according to a senior U.K. agency source who declined to be named in this piece.

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Interactive Advertising Bureau
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