Global green shoots: Where the media and advertising markets are around the world on the road to recovery

Digiday 17 May 2021 04:01
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May 17, 2021 by Digiday reporters

Life after the pandemic seems so close you can almost touch it. But just like the recovering covid patient living with long-lasting after effects, the economic recovery will be far from straightforward. 

Digiday reporters took a (virtual) trip around the world to see how the post-covid economy is influencing advertising and media trends.

U.K.: Little England or Great Britain? 

The end is in sight for the U.K. Vaccinations across the country are ticking along and the prospect of fewer coronavirus restrictions is lifting consumer confidence. 

In anticipation, marketers, it would seem, have been carefully loosening the pursestrings since the turn of the year. In the three months to March, just over one in 10 marketers reported cuts to total marketing spend, marking a notable improvement on the final months of 2020 when a quarter of them admitted to tightening their belts, per the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising. 

“It is a vital time to be running your activity based on analyzing behavioral biases, understanding exactly what encourages clicks, so that you are in line with the ever changing consumer preferences that has transformed more than ever before,” said John Barham, managing director at digital agency Roast

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