‘This conversation is personal’: Inc.’s columnists are now available through text for readers willing to pay

Digiday 29 Oct 2020 04:01
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October 29, 2020 by Kayleigh Barber

Starting this month, Inc. is testing a new reader engagement avenue to make their editorial talent even more accessible to readers.

Paid newsletters, exclusive conference calls and live or virtual events have been the hot tickets for bringing in the incremental subscription revenue that’s separate from traditional magazine and digital subscriptions.

But the business publisher is taking is a step further by opening up two-way communication between its top columnists and their readers and fans via their phones.

Using subscription text message platform Subtext, Inc. is charging its audience about $5 per month to get daily short-form texts from their favorite columnists, to which they are able to respond. The columnists then select certain subscribers to have a one-on-one text exchange.

“We’re reaching peak newsletter saturation at this point and there has to be a unique way to bring subscribers into the fold,” said Mike Donoghue, CEO of Subtext.

Last year, Esquire built a micro-subscription around its political writer Charles Pierce. Meanwhile, freelance writers and journalists from various publications are setting out to on their own using paid subscription newsletter platform Substack.

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