“Tap into this chunk of search and reach new audiences”: Google Discover driving over 75% of traffic to Vogue’s international editions

What's New in Publishing 18 Dec 2019 09:51

Google Discover drove more traffic to Vogue’s international editions than Google Search in October, Vogue International’s Head of Audience Growth, Sarah Marshall told Digiday. 

The traffic spike was most pronounced in India and Mexico where the publisher got more than three-quarters of the traffic from Google Discover, compared to other Google properties.

Other countries where Vogue’s international editions have benefitted from Google Discover include France and the US. According to John Shehata, VP of Audience Development for Condé Nast, in the past few months Discover has accounted for upto 20% of the traffic in the US.

Even though Google Discover has been around for over a year, it recently caught the attention of the publishing industry: everyone wants to see how they can tap into this chunk of search and reach new audiences. The latest data (from 2018) says Google Discover has around 800M users, which means it could drive a fine amount of traffic to publishers and help them attain better visibility.

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