How publishers can bring their events online: A guide

What's New in Publishing 15 Sep 2020 07:00


Events have become a necessary part of many publishers’ business models in recent years and this trend has been accelerated by Covid-19 restrictions. However, for many publishing companies it is hard to know how to create an event that incorporates the best elements of live events with the opportunities that an online event can offer.

Yet as technology becomes more and more advanced and events open up again, blending the digital and real-world will allow larger audiences to be engaged than ever before. This affords publishers with a clear opportunity to increase audience reach, engagement and revenue at a time when other channels are facing serious headwinds.

As well as reaching larger audiences, there are many other advantages in moving an event online, such as accessibility and sustainability. It is a misconception however, to assume that eliminating physical overheads will slash expenditure, as traditional commercial revenues may be lost.

Publishing professionals need to be aware that an online event is definitely not a poorer, cheaper version of the real thing, but doing things differently can offer up unexpected benefits if the event is slick, professional and engaging.

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