Cheat Sheet: As Apple preps IDFA crackdown for ‘early spring’, here’s everything you need to know

Digiday 29 Jan 2021 05:01
January 29, 2021 by Seb Joseph

Ready or not, mobile advertising is about to be upended. Apple’s long-awaited privacy control that will require developers to ask permission from users before tracking them will arrive early this spring.

While the company has not given a specific date, the vague outline it has given means the update could arrive either in late March or some point in April. And when it does arrive, app owners could see waves of people decide they don’t want to be tracked after they’ve been reminded they have a choice. Cue panic from the ad industry. 

Facebook’s CFO David Wehner warned analysts yesterday (January 27) during the company’s latest earnings update to expect a dip in ad revenue once its ability to track user activity on Apple devices is throttled. And if Facebook is this worried, other platforms and advertisers will be too. 

As eMarketer analyst Nicole Perrin explained: “A lot of the focus of this discussion has been on the targeting side, but the attribution side of campaigns is important as well — losing access to cross-app tracking means less visibility into who makes a purchase after seeing an ad.”

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