‘I’ve seen every single thing get canceled’: Influencers get hit by coronavirus uncertainty

Digiday 18 Mar 2020 04:01

For travel influencer Amy Seder, business has dried up for the foreseeable future.

“Until last week, we thought we’d still be traveling in the spring,” said Seder, who along with her fiance, runs the travel blog Away Lands. “I have seen pretty much every single thing get canceled, press trips and travel activations, but also product and lifestyle-based campaigns. Marketing [departments are] putting everything on pause right now with how uncertain everything is — they fear putting out ads and being tone deaf.”

Seder, who has over 228,000 followers on Instagram, is uncertain what the weeks to come will mean for her business, which is typically bolstered by tourism boards and hotels as well as lifestyle and beauty brands. As the coronavirus has disrupted and reshaped life across the globe, some major marketers have canceled or pressed pause on campaigns. For influencers, particularly travel influencers, the impact on their business has been severe.

“A lot of influencers and bloggers are straight up out of work right now because no one is doing travel campaigns,” said Rob Taylor, travel influencer and founder of the blog 2 Travel Dads. “At the moment, 80% of my friends are unemployed and trying to figure out what to do in two to three weeks when there isn’t fresh income.”

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