How to move addressable TV from a buzzword to an industry staple

Digiday 09 Oct 2019 04:03

By Jamie Power, COO of addressable and head of analytics, Cadent

The concept of addressable TV is easy to understand: identify the right households, send messages only those high-value audiences and have the ability to measure the impact of every campaign against a brand’s KPIs.

Set-top-box addressable television, via cable and satellite providers, rolled out over 10 years ago, hitting real scale — 70 million households, in the last couple of years. As traditional TV audiences continue to fragment, OTT addressable applications give marketers the ability to target high-value audiences across all screens.

The misconceptions around addressable TV are surprising. It doesn’t help that, as an industry, the language we use doesn’t serve the goal of clearing up what can or cannot be done with the medium. I recently sat down with my five-year-old son and explained what I do for a living. After a 15-minute conversation he said, “So Mommy, you send commercials to me for things that I like, like M&Ms and apple juice because I like them.” I’ve been working in the advanced television space for more than seven years, and it really is that simple. I explained addressable TV in simple English instead of speaking in acronyms.

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