With ‘The Experience Report,’ WSJ is launching a new vertical underwritten by SAP

Digiday 24 Feb 2020 05:00

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal is launching a new vertical dedicated to covering events, called the Experience Report, which will have SAP as its sole sponsor.

The Experience Report, which will cover the business of events and how companies successfully interact with their customers and employees, will launch as its own section on the Journal’s website and will also have a newsletter. The goal is to build a membership around this vertical and eventually expand it into events later this year, according to Josh Stinchcomb, chief revenue officer of The Wall Street Journal. A separate editorial team will be created for the vertical, including new hires.

Single-sponsor verticals are not a new model for the Wall Street Journal. The publisher launched a partnership with Adobe in 2013 where the company was the sole sponsor for the CMO Today vertical. That partnership then ended after two years and Deloitte took over in 2016. Since then, Stinchcomb said the partnership has been renewed with Deloitte and expanded with the sponsorship of the Journal House in Cannes.

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