Sparkling: a vision for selling jewellery in the digital age

The Drum 05 Mar 2020 01:40
By Richard Wheaton-05 March 2020 13:40pm

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Fifty-five on using technology innovation to entice productive window shopping.

Spending a month’s salary on a truly beautiful object is a big decision that every customer wants to get right. And for the modern shopper, this initial phase of ‘window shopping’ starts with browsing websites, making searches on Google and sharing views on social media. Now, for the savvy digital marketer, this browsing process creates a cloud of clear buying signals, the customer leaves a trail that, with the right analytical skills, can be used by a retailer to glimpse intentions. This need not be based on creepy access to private data – actions can simply be anticipated based on matching one digital journey against thousands of previous customers’ behaviour.

The technical work of combining data with inspired marketing should not be underestimated and there are many martech vendors who will tell you that you can add a few tags to your site and these processes will happen automatically. This is not true, it is a complex task to create the links, permissions and insights to drive this new type of brand conversation. But the rewards for getting this right are high. Some luxury brands are showing the way and are already advanced in this process – Burberry, FarFetch and De Beers are using social media, mobile and even blockchain technology to safeguard their connections with consumers into the future.

Richard Wheaton, MD, Fifty-five London

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