It's YOUR Website ... Do You Copy?

Gartner 02 Dec 2019 09:04

“Copy that” is not a good strategy when building your website.

Last year at our Digital Marketing Conference, I delivered a presentation on where and why we see websites failing to deliver the results both customers and companies expect. I had fun delivering the session and all of the feedback was super positive (thank you attendees!) Except for one comment. That attendee wrote something like, “If you don’t know these basic concepts, you shouldn’t have a website.”

I wasn’t upset when I saw this comment because I understand the sentiment. Sometimes even I want to scream when I find myself still advising organizations not to do things like have music or video autoplay when you get to their site (if you are doing that, please stop. PLEASE.) With all of the advancements we’ve made in CX, martech and digital marketing, websites should be better then they are. But the reality is, they aren’t. (They are so pervasively bad that it actually took me longer to go through and decide which bad examples I was going to use than it did to create the actual presentation itself).

Happily, there is some wiggle room in the last bullet. You can use ideas from other sites and test to see how your customers respond to those designs, features and interactions  (Gartner subscription required). But don’t limit your sources of inspiration to just those sites in your vertical. Remember, your customers are using other companies’ websites and may not be using those of your competitors.

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