Hearst UK launches ‘Instant Digital Access’ with eMagazines

What's New in Publishing 07 Jan 2021 07:00

Hearst UK has started offering customers instant digital access to current issues for all new print subscribers across its brands. The initiative has been launched in partnership with eMagazines, the tech platform that offers digital distribution and discoverability of premium print content worldwide.

Immediately upon purchasing a new subscription, Hearst consumers can now securely access the specially-designed digital edition on any device.

eMagazines secures publishers’ content with its proprietary system and optimizes both content and design for digital devices, although it is best known for its iterations of magazine content across mobile media through a web-based progressive app.

Digital Marketing Director at Hearst UK, Seema Kumari, says, “Our goal is to grow subscriptions and give subscribers the best possible user experience. By implementing instant digital access through the eMagazines solution, our new print subscribers are able to enjoy current issues right away.”

Blake Pollard, VP and Co-Founder at eMagazines, adds, “eMagazines is focused on innovative ways to help publishers and agents sell more subscriptions and increase digital engagement. Consumers expect immediate gratification when purchasing online, and we have created a solution that allows new subscribers to start reading within seconds.”

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