Q&A: Predicio, location intelligence for app publishers

What's New in Publishing 23 Jun 2020 06:45

Predicio is a location-based behavior intelligence company, based in Paris, that partners with hundreds of app publishers worldwide, to help them monetize their anonymized data. A relatively new entrant to the industry, having been founded in 2018, WNIP caught up with Manisha Khadanga, Predicio’s Partner Acquisition Manager, to find out more…

Can you give us some background about your company?

Led by two co-founders with deep experience in the mobile data space, we are a promising start-up built around impressive publisher partners. Our mission is to help organizations understand the behavior of mobile users in the real world. To do so, we partner with hundreds of app publishers worldwide, to help them monetize their anonymized data. Thanks to those partnerships we are able to provide location-based services and insights to our clients worldwide.

We are a GDPR-compliant data provider, and a proud member of IAB France & IAB Europe.

What business problem is your company addressing?

The vast majority of app publishers miss out on revenue-generating opportunities especially when it comes to the possibility to monetize their data. This situation is now even worse – since the Coronavirus outbreak started, app publishers have experienced an average of 20% in lost revenues due to the decline in ad spend.

Another major challenge for apps is that a large number of app publishers frequently miss out on the possibility of converting mobile users as they lack the knowledge on their target audience’s behavior in the offline world which means they miss out on major opportunities to increase their revenues.

Can you give some examples of publishers successfully using your solution?

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