“We jumped from 2020 to 2023 in a weekend”: Insights from Bauer on leading a magazine business through lockdown

What's New in Publishing 07 Jul 2021 06:15

This week, we hear from Chris Duncan, CEO of UK Publishing at Bauer Media Group. He joined the company just a few weeks after last year’s lockdown, so he talks about what it’s been like leading Bauer through such a turbulent year, their wins and losses throughout the pandemic, and which trends he’s seen accelerated in the business. He also discusses how Bauer’s business priorities have changed post-Covid, and what it’s like heading a magazine company after over a decade working at a news publisher.

In the news roundup we discuss the data behind the end of the Trump Bump (and where we can gin up some controversy next), then ask if the BBC needs to be objective about climate change and ask if Microsoft is the unlikely saviour of micropayments. 

Here are some highlights:

The focus for his first year

First of all, as you might expect, it was just, can we keep the lights on? Can we keep the business running? I think my first week, revenue was down something like 80%, from where it was expected to be. So in that first April piece, it was a lot of just, what does this look like?

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