Google will pay publishers to “support a sustainable news industry”

What's New in Publishing 18 Feb 2020 08:45

First Facebook offered to pay publishers “millions of dollars”. Now Google is following suit. 

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti predicted almost a decade ago that major tech firms—such as Facebook and Google—would ultimately pay publishers for content, the same way cable companies pay television content producers for shows.

You have to have some quality journalism,” Peretti said recently, “or the vacuum will be filled by counterfeit journalism.” Google is echoing a very similar sentiment.

We want to help people find quality journalism – it’s important to informed democracy and helps support a sustainable news industry. 

Richard Gingras, VP of News at Google

“We care deeply about this,” Gingras added, “and are talking with partners and looking at more ways to expand our ongoing work with publishers, building on programmes like our Google News Initiative.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is in talks with publishers about paying a licensing fee for content in a “premium” news product. Possible licensing agreements are being considered, and the content would appear in a free Google product, the details of which are still being hammered out.

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