Innovative publishers will help shape what “the new normal” looks like

What's New in Publishing 09 Apr 2020 06:30

“The most read ever.”

That’s what The Guardian and the Financial Times are saying about articles they’ve been publishing around coronavirus.

“Over the last few weeks, The Guardian’s daily digital traffic has been up by a half year-on-year,” writes John McCarthy in The Drum. “Nine of its 12 busiest days have come in the past two months. Video views are up 60%. It claims there is ‘an appetite for explanatory journalism across audio and video’ around the pandemic and so is giving its Science Weekly podcast an extra episode a week.”

At the Financial Times, they’ve launched a Coronavirus Business Newsletter, a webinar series and a podcast channel, plus opened their paywall on COVID-19 content.

This pandemic is generating massive views, and significantly changing media consumption habits, McCarthy explains. At the same time, many of these publishing organizations are facing layoffs or paycuts, necessitating even more innovation from the remaining editorial staff. At BuzzFeed, they are taking a hard news approach and a lighter look at the same time, with Outbreak Today on the news side alongside Quarantine Today. And they are seeing their audience numbers soar.

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