Going all-digital with B2B magazines: Insights from Cognitive Publishing

What's New in Publishing 01 Oct 2020 06:30

“Now we’ve gone completely digital with the magazine, we’re finding that actually we’re getting a lot more people visit the magazine and enjoy the longer read.”

This week we hear from Director of Cognitive Publishing Roy Rowlands on what it’s like to be in a family publishing business with a trillion-pound audience, going all-digital with their B2B titles, and the benefits of being in Manchester. He also outlines how they’ve adapted in lockdown, including the reasons behind their decision not to go virtual with events.

In the news roundup the team examines why so many journalists are leaving to form their own newsletter-based businesses, ask whether the rumoured changes to British broadcasting’s top brass are good for the country, and discuss the latest developments in the TikTok trade war. Bonus discussion: is Media Voices a tiny enough business to be called ‘cute’?

See the full transcript here, or some highlights below:

Business during lockdown

Challenging, exciting, very, very different. I think the biggest challenge was making the decision that we’ve got to go and work from home, and what’s that going to do for the business? And what do we need to do to facilitate that? Once we all sat down and brainstormed it, that was all really straightforward.

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