Rebuilding confidence in the post Covid-19 world

What's New in Publishing 18 Jun 2020 07:58

As businesses start to plan for life after Covid-19, a crisis with no precedent, how should we approach a world challenged by economic recovery? That was the topic posed to a panel of industry experts during a recent webinar hosted by the World Media Group, and chaired by Damian Douglas, Managing Director EMEA, at Time.

Douglas framed the conversation by looking at where we are in both the news cycle and the financial markets. While both suggest we are in recovery mode, the situation is still fragile. The crises of recent memory (the bubble 2001, the financial crisis 2008) were economic in origin, and neither led to mortality or unemployment on such a significant scale, which adds another layer of complexity.

As lockdown measures are eased and businesses start to come back to life across all sectors, marketing strategies, media buys and budgets are likely to come under scrutiny. So how can publishers rebuild confidence and encourage advertisers to return after a period of such disruption?

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