Focusing on value over volume to drive sustainable audience growth: AOP CRUNCH 4.3

What's New in Publishing 29 Jun 2021 07:30

Across the digital industry, one of the most pertinent questions asked by publishers big and small is: how do I achieve sustainable growth? For 76% of media leaders, increasing digital subscriptions is now an important or very important revenue focus – surpassing display and native advertising alike – while three years ago, research showed the exact opposite.

These findings reflect how revenue models are shifting from being advertising-centric to reader-centric. As part of this change, the industry is turning away from ad saturation and clickbait in favour of quality editorial and advertising content. The Association of Online Publishers (AOP) brought together numerous thought leaders in its Crunch 4.3 webinar, to discuss how all media brands can approach reader-centric revenue diversification.

With experts understanding that growth and retention now come hand-in-hand, here are the best practices for getting closer to audiences and optimising revenue streams.

Always start with the reader

Effectively monetising audiences requires publishers to understand them from the outset. The digitisation of journalism has given rise to even more diverse audiences – not only in regard to who readers are, but also their content and consumption preferences. Audience segmentation is now an integral element of publishers’ revenue strategies, enabling them to collate insight on the times, platforms, formats, writers, topics, and even tones of voice that drive the strongest audience engagement.

Keep up with change

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