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What's New in Publishing 17 Jul 2020 06:30

8 lessons for running successful virtual events, COVID’s impact on subscription strategies, and more

Getting into the stride of virtual events

Many of you who run your own events will have battled technology, timings and expectations over the past few months as Coronavirus has upended what was once a staple revenue stream for publishers.

The only certainty at present seems to be that the state of the events industry will be uncertain until at least the end of the year. With Q4 being a key period for those with flagship events and awards, cancelling is simply not an option, and the ability to transition at least some elements of those events to the virtual sphere will be make-or-break for some publishers.

This week, our feature piece looks at examples from Hearst Live and New Scientist. Both had to pivot events rapidly as lockdown hit, and are now looking to apply what they have learned to their flagship events at the end of the year.

It’s not all about survival. Some of the lessons these two publishers have learned will improve their future event strategies. From bringing in global audiences to making content last past the bar closing, we hope their learnings can help you with your own event strategies.

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