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What's New in Publishing 12 Jul 2021 05:15

Survey shows that reach doesn’t always equate to revenue

A new survey suggests the link between reach and revenue is ‘totally broken’ for independent publishers. But equating reach and revenue is a strange takeaway.

The study shows almost 60 of the UK’s independent publishers earned a combined revenue of less than £5.4 million in 2020 despite a reach of over 10 million people a month. And the report does a great job of lifting the lid on the business concerns of smaller outfits. But there’s no scientific formula that says if you reach X people you’ll make Y money. That focus on scale caused the failed platform pivot.

Smaller publications shouldn’t be chasing scale. The real headline here is that most independent publishers get by on shoestring budgets – median income just £42,224 – and as a sector, it needs to be figuring out what a sustainable revenue mix looks like.

The advertising market belongs to every business now

The ad market is booming and Axios says all sorts of businesses are doubling down on ad sales. That means online grocers, delivery companies and gaming platforms selling ad space alongside Big Tech and, oh yes, you the media. Underlining the trend, grocery delivery firm Instacart just poached the senior Facebook exec behind the social network’s mobile ad rollout.

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