What publishers can learn about TheSoul Publishing’s road to 1B social subscribers

What's New in Publishing 18 Jun 2021 07:30

A decade ago, a whole swathe of upstart media companies gatecrashed the publishing industry with a new model based on harnessing the viral power of social media. Rather than publishing content solely on their own websites, social-first publishers created short, snappy content distributed primarily on social media with the goal of maximizing views and ad revenue.

A shakeout in the mid-Teens, chiefly as a result of changing platform algorithms and precipitous ad declines, saw many social-reliant publishers hit the wall. Yet a few of those publishers that survived have now evolved into serious media groups in their own right. In the UK, LADBible, founded in 2012 by Leeds University graduate ‘Solly’ Solomou, reaches 69 million monthly users and boasts ten million followers on Instagram alone. Across the pond, LA-based The Shade Room is now the most popular media publishing brand on social media, generating almost 3.3 billion total cross-platform social media actions. 

Fast forward to 2021 and a company many may not have heard of, TheSoul Publishing, has outpaced other digital studios being the first to achieve the coveted 1 billion subscribers milestone. Founded just five years ago by Pavel Radaev and Marat Mukhametov, and focusing on light-hearted engageable video content, TheSoul Publishing’s brands include 5-Minute Crafts, , , , , , and .


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