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What's New in Publishing 18 Dec 2020 08:00

8 podcasting trends for publishers, the lasting effect of Covid-19 on reader behaviour, and more

A reminder that readers matter

Reader revenue was starting to show green shoots long before the pandemic, but coronavirus lockdowns have proved to be a significant boost to subscriber-based business models this year.

From digital news to print magazine subscriptions, many publishers have seen surges, some in the triple figures. It’s a point well worth celebrating that, when the world is thrown into chaos, people have turned to trusted brands for vital news, updates, and sometimes just pure escapism.

Peter Houston has a round-up of the key reader revenue events of 2020 this week. He also looks at what some of the challenges may be for 2021, of which retention will no doubt be top of many lists. 

Developing reader routines will be central to retention efforts. To this end, we can see many publishers looking to newsletters, podcasts and other mediums to keep engagement high. We look forward to seeing how these pay off next year!

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