Lessons from award-winning podcasts: Olive Magazine’s Janine Ratcliffe

What's New in Publishing 07 Aug 2020 07:12

The winner of the Lifestyle category in the 2020 Publisher Podcast Awards was the Olive Magazine podcast from Immediate Media. We asked Janine Ratcliffe, Food Director and podcast host, to share some of her insights into what has made the Olive podcast so successful.

We’ll be releasing audio excerpts in a special Media Voices episode at the end of August, as well as full transcripts from all the winners at a later date. For now, here are the edited highlights…


We launched [the podcast] in April 2016. I think earlier that year, February or March, we were sitting in a planning meeting, and [the editor] Laura sat us all down and said, I want to do a podcast. I was like, ‘Okay, what like one a month?’ and she went, ‘No, no, we’re going to do one a week,’ and I just thought she was mad.

Me and Laura at the time were big podcast fans anyway, so I could kind of see how it would work. I realised it was all about the chat and the content, and you weren’t making a radio show, which I think a lot of people get confused about, that you have to have some super edited slick radio-style thing.

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