Advertising and the COVID-19 pandemic: Insights from the World Media Group

What's New in Publishing 08 Apr 2020 07:15

With the COVID-19 Pandemic changing the world as we know it, advertisers need to look at brand safety in a new light. How can they work with media to advertise safely? Is it even appropriate to advertise in a time of crisis? These were some the questions posed to a panel of 11 industry experts last week during a webinar hosted by the World Media Group. The discussion, chaired by Alex Altman, Global Client President at Wavemaker, was surprisingly upbeat, with a sense that our learnings from the current crisis could lead to positive change for the industry when we come out the other side.

The role of media in a crisis  

Altman’s first question, addressed to Emma Winchurch-Beale, International Sales Director at the Washington Post, was how the newspaper’s editorial team balanced the need to report what’s going on without causing undue anxiety within its audience.

“People are frightened and it’s our job, along with our colleagues in other news organizations, to be the guiding light and help them through this pandemic,” she said, emphasizing the newspaper’s role was to offer reassurance by delivering trusted information, as well as practical advice, so most of the COVID-19 coverage is free, outside of the paywall.

The need for trusted information

Closing on a positive note, Delamain reiterated Balis’s point: “We’re in the now, but there’s the next, and beyond. As brands, it’s really important that we start thinking about life after COVID-19 because it will come.”

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