“It blew us away. The initial growth was madness.”: How publishers are supercharging engagement and generating revenue with subscription boxes

What's New in Publishing 23 Jun 2020 08:47

The UK subscription box market is estimated to be worth £1B by 2022, according to a report for Royal Mail created by GlobalData Consulting. It will be up 72% from 2017. “The business model also presents significant opportunities for international expansion, with our survey revealing that nearly 90% of subscription businesses make at least some of their sales overseas,” it adds.

“Growing revenue opportunity for publishers”

FIPP has published a new report, Subscription boxes: How to make ecommerce a steady revenue stream that aims to guide publishers through this business opportunity. The report also carries case studies of publishers who have been successful with their subscription box businesses. 

As a magazine media publisher, you’re an authority in your niche, and on a daily basis curate content that best suits your audience’s needs, wants and tastes. It makes sense to extend that authority to subscription boxes.

FIPP’s “Subscription boxes” report

Moreover, subscription boxes have done well despite the challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic. “Subscription box companies were resilient during the pandemic with more than half reporting they hadn’t seen a decline,” according to the report. “And 22.5% of companies actually saw their subscription growth rate accelerate.”

Some, like Canada’s Explore magazine and Conde Nast’s Allure, also get specific products manufactured for their subscription boxes.

“Find ‘white space’ in the market”

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