Coronavirus leads to surge in traffic: How publishers are building reader loyalty by offering free content

What's New in Publishing 19 Mar 2020 09:16

Popular content analytics platform Chartbeat has reported that the number of pageviews across its network was up 33% last week compared to the same time last year, according to Recode. The amount of time spent actively scrolling, clicking, and reading articles was also up 30% during the same period.

“We’re at a significant multiple”

This bump in traffic is being driven by people who are increasingly staying indoors to protect themselves and scouring the web for updates about the coronavirus epidemic.  

“Many of us also have a bit more time to read the news as various institutions have been impacted by self-distancing measures and self-quarantines. People who have been asked to work from home, for example, may have some extra time as they no longer commute to an office,” explains Rani Molla, Senior Data Reporter, Recode. 

“We’ve also seen bars and restaurants, as well as gyms and theaters shuttered in a number of major cities and states, meaning more leisure time can be devoted to staring at screens,” she adds.

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