Advertising and revenue diversification during Covid-19

What's New in Publishing 16 Oct 2020 06:45

Advertising remains one of the media industry’s biggest revenue sources but, like everything else, it has been thoroughly disrupted by Covid-19.

During two sessions at the FIPP World Media Congress 2020, the role of advertising as it stands and opportunities for diversifying revenue were discussed in relation to two large legacy brands: Hearst UK and Vikatan Group, India’s largest Tamil publishing ecosystem and one that has been in operation for 94 years.

Every new internet connection is only happening through mobile.

Srini Srinivasan, Vikatan Group

India: a mobile-first, data hungry nation

For both publishers, the pandemic has exacerbated already-existing shifts in the media landscape and world at large, such as digital offerings, more video content, and more flexible working arrangements. Yet one way in which the two differ is in the medium through which their audiences access their content. Srini Srinivasan, Managing Director at Vikatan Group, stressed first of all that it is only possible to understand publishing in India by taking account of its mobile device usage. There are about 1.16bn mobile subscribers in India, a mobile density of close to 96 per cent. Additionally, smartphones now have more than 60 per cent penetration.

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