How solutions journalism can help publishers serve the “growing reader and business interest in environmental issues”: Reuters report

What's New in Publishing 24 Sep 2021 09:13

Publishers including the BBC, the Economist, Bloomberg Media and the Guardian, among others, have expanded their climate coverage in recent years by launching sub-brands, newsletters, dedicated print editions and hosting events. 

These initiatives are driven by “growing reader and business interest in environmental issues,” according to journalist Lucinda Southern, “as well publishers’ targeting of international audiences and use of reader-funded models to sustain investment in topics that require deep reporting.”

“The severity of climate change and its wide-ranging impact have made the topic impossible for most publishers to ignore. As publishers with international audiences have increasingly turned to non-advertising funding models involving subscriptions, sponsorships and grants, they have offered sustainability-focused products.

Lucinda Southern, Senior Reporter, Digiday

“Yet climate change is a hot-button topic eliciting polarizing opinions, and misinformation and fake news abounds on social media channels,” she adds. 

Finally, journalists, especially those who feel passionate about the environment may easily slide into the role of an activist. That can be detrimental to their mission. They “should stay open to listening to different people, understanding their viewpoints, and reporting fairly,” says Santelli. 

The full report can be downloaded from Reuters Institute:
Lessons in environmental news reporting from Brazil

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