Innovation in leadership in times of pandemic

What's New in Publishing 15 Sep 2020 07:10

With Covid-19 radically changing the media landscape, it’s never been more important for publishers to be innovative when charting a path forward.

As companies look to overcome stumbling blocks like how to effectively monetise content, move to digital and motivate staff, Juan Señor and John Wilpers of Innovation Media Consulting – authors of FIPP’s annual Innovation in Media World Report – and renowned success coach and author Sharron Lowe were on hand at the FIPP World Media Congress 2020 to suggest some crucial course corrections.

For publishers eyeing up the swirling Covid hurricane with trepidation, Señor had a simple message – embrace the chaos. “Perhaps the greatest mistake you can make is to be passive and let this pass, shelter in place and let the storm go by,” he said. “This is a transformative, historic event for humanity and our industry and you have to figure out how to get a hold of it. It’s important to have an attitude of opportunity and not victimism.”

According to Lowe, making the best of the pandemic is largely down to having a laser-like focus. “Some people will be successful through this and some people will not and that will come down to how they use their mind,” she said. “You can change things in one day by knowing how to take charge of the mind, your thoughts, your decisions and what you do in your actions. Too many people in business focus on their actions far more than their attitude. What’s wrong is always available for us to focus on, but so is what’s right. It’s all about what you focus on.”

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