“The pandemic has taught us to be faster, smarter, leaner”: Publisher’s Pandemic Roundtable

What's New in Publishing 14 Jun 2021 07:30

“We’ve all had to up our game. Amazon set the standard for delivery. Publishers need to learn to keep up with that.”

David Atkins’ Newsstand Concierge Stands Ready to Assist

If you are unfamiliar with David Atkins and his business, he is almost certainly not unfamiliar with you.

Newsstand, the world’s largest print newsstand online, has over 4,000 magazines available with same day dispatch, worldwide.

The Pandemic Roundtable—Joe Berger, Sherin Pierce, Gemma Peckham, Samir Husni, Bo Sacks, and me—welcomed him to our group to talk about his operation, the movement to print-on-demand, and the opportunities for publishers moving into online sales.

David’s business began in 1898 as a family wholesaler business, JG Palmer. Changes in the industry, with the consequent losses of many independent wholesalers, led the company to reassess what the needs of the customer were, and how they could help. The result was the shift to online, beginning with subscriptions and moving to single copies in 2011. Today, their online strategy enables publishers to get their publications into the hands of the reader through internet sales and online orders as economically and as quickly as possible. Through their concierge service, they are able to offer publications to readers based on their area of interest.

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