The rise of the “PLUs” (People Like Us): Why consumers are demanding representation in advertising

What's New in Publishing 20 May 2020 06:25


The use of celebrity influencers to showcase brands and products has been under scrutiny for a while, whether it’s the legitimacy of the plug or the promotion process itself. There have been numerous instances of influencers being picked up on their content not being consistent, or promoting products not aligned with their profile style, even in times of a global pandemic.

With the world spending more time on social media, it introduced a new question for brands when considering influencer partnerships: How can a celebrity using a branded product in an obvious paid partnership be deemed relatable for consumers, in times of crisis?

Portrayed humorously throughout the internet, there is a common thread and feeling of disapproval for celebrities and high profile influencers attempting to be relatable during the pandemic[1], highlighting the need for “PLUs”. People Like Us.

As a platform that gives brands and content creators the ability to collaborate on advertising, TRIBE has seen a clear increase in the appetite for the everyday influencer, with a +25% increase in campaign submissions since lockdown began in mid-March.

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