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What's New in Publishing 15 May 2020 06:50

How publishers are rising to the challenge of COVID-19, IAB Europe’s post third party cookie guide, and more

Rising to the challenge

As layoffs and furloughs dominate industry headlines, it can be easy to get sucked into an incredibly bleak outlook of what publishing will look like post-pandemic for those that survive.

Although it’s true that many businesses are struggling, and that we may not all emerge out the other side of this, that’s not the whole picture. There is a growing list of publishers who are doubling down on what they do best, or changing course, in order to take advantage of the rise in traffic and engagement from consumers.

This week, Faisal Kalim rounds up the success stories of publishers who are rising to the challenges of COVID-19, from subscription innovation to eCommerce growth. It’s not just the major players either; we’ve included examples of smaller publishers with fewer resources, and what they’re doing to ensure their survival.

As always, we hope there will be practical lessons, ideas and inspiration that you can take to strengthen your own publishing business in the weeks and months ahead.

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