How to become essential… to your readers and your ad partners

What's New in Publishing 21 Jul 2020 07:00

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Decent advice when things are humming along smoothly, but what about now, in the midst of a pandemic? Should publishers be looking to fix things, or wait it out?

According to Bauer Media’s Lucie Cave, the most important thing publishers can do right now is to ensure their content is really working – for both their readers and their ad partners.

“Magazines are playing to their core strengths during lockdown providing audiences with connection and information, entertainment and inspiration, companionship and a much-needed escape,” Cave writes in Mediatel. “The impact of and feelings around coronavirus have been changing day by day, but as publishers we’ve used this as an opportunity rather than a threat.”

This time, this pause if you will, presents a rare opportunity for publishers to get inside their readers’ head. It’s working for Bauer Media, and they’ve been able to adapt their content in real-time to fill the need.

“We’ve been collecting insights from consumers across Bauer ever since lockdown to gauge their changing attitudes and consumption behaviour, and at Grazia we worked with Instagram on a study called ‘Life after Lockdown’ to find out what women were feeling about topics such as mental health, relationships, work, fashion, hobbies and money,” Cave continues.

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