3rd party cookie alternatives: Doubts and proposals grow

What's New in Publishing 28 Jul 2020 06:45

The world’s most popular browser, Google’s Chrome, announced they would be phasing out third-parties cookies within two years. Safari already blocks third-party cookies and Firefox blocks them when they’re used for tracking. iOS 14 and macOS are also adding new controls over user privacy and tracking. With the potential to disrupt the entire digital advertising industry and disrupt publisher revenue streams, there’s still no viable replacement solution.

There are a few proposals floating around, but no consensus on the way to move forward. With the clock ticking down, publishers are understandably concerned. There is some activity but there’s growing doubt about real progress.

Proposals to Replace Third-Party Cookies

Here are some of the proposals that have gotten the most attention recently:

Conversion Measurement APIs

Conversion measurement APIs would allow advertisers to measure conversion and performance without using third-party cookies. The Chrome development team has floated the idea and Apple has released an experimental attribution API.

For publishers, the stronger your relationship with your visitors, the more value you get from each visit.

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