3 insights into how artificial intelligence is changing the social media game for publishers

What's New in Publishing 08 Apr 2020 08:59

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a technology of the future – it’s a daily reality for many publishers of all sizes. AI now powers an increasing number of tools that journalists use to gather, produce and distribute content, including Echobox, the social media management platform we built specifically for publishers. 

With more than 700 publisher clients globally, including 25% of the world’s newspapers of record, we have access to a large and unique dataset that describes how AI can change the social media game for publishers. 

We recently completed an analysis of how these publishers use automation technology to manage their social media. Below are three insights into how they’re benefitting from AI, as well as best practices for increasing your own social media traffic. 

Insight #1: 25% of all publishers fully automate their social media distribution with AI

While 60% of publishers use automation to some degree for social media distribution, one in four publishers has adopted full automation. In other words, they never touch their social media posts and rely entirely on AI to share on their behalf. This includes which articles to post, which elements to include in the post (which headline and which image), and when to post. This is equivalent to Level 5 automation (= the highest level of automation) in driverless cars.

  1. community management
  2. audience engagement
  3. creating and curating visual content for social and messaging networks (TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram…) 

Publishers of all sizes automate their social media distribution. For smaller publishers faced with limited staffing or resources, it means that fewer people are required to post to social networks. Larger publishers with multiple pages can choose to fully automate all pages, or certain secondary pages (allowing their social media teams to focus on primary pages). 

By automating first-time shares, publishers can spend their time curating existing content for reshares, and/or develop other aspects of their social media strategy like interacting with their community. 

By relying on AI for all social shares overnight, on weekends and during holidays, publishers ensure continuous and optimized coverage for their social audiences around the world. Some publishers also elect to “turn on” social media automation as a helping hand during particularly busy or challenging periods, like the one we’re experiencing at present due to the coronavirus pandemic. Moments like these provide a great example of how AI can support and augment human output rather than replacing it.

AI has many further applications for publishers 

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