Bridging the monetisation gap between ads and subscriptions

What's New in Publishing 01 Oct 2020 06:15

The Covid pandemic has inspired entrepreneurs around the globe to look at the world’s problems from a fresh perspective. It could be that some of the companies that dominate the coming decade have their roots in this period of uncertainty.

One startup that is a child of pandemic is Singapore-based Few¢ents. It has developed an innovative solution that aims to help publishers extend their reader revenues by collecting micropayments from readers. 

It is not an entirely new concept, but Few¢ents is approaching the problem in a unique way and has some interesting ideas about how the future of paid for content could evolve.

On Monday 28th at the FIPP Congress, Abhishek Dadoo, Co-founder and CEO of Fewcents, will be discussing ‘Bridging the monetisation gap between ads and subscriptions.’

Here he talks about the inspiration behind the company, what he thinks are the key problems for publishers and how Few¢ents plans to tackle them.

Tell me the story of Few¢ents. When were you set up and what were the key challenges you were trying to solve?

So how does the process work? I understand it is based around a digital wallet. But what is the experience for the consumer?

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