How Telegram is enabling member-only community spaces

What's New in Publishing 04 Jun 2021 07:00

It’s part of a trend democratising membership on social media

Telegram, an increasingly popular messaging app turned media ecosystem, has emerged as one of the most productive spaces for developing membership. 

With bespoke solutions often unaffordable for smaller outlets, the platform is increasingly being used to host member-only content or as a tool for developing broader membership programs. It represents a trend towards democratising the membership model. 

Telegram as a media platform

Although primarily a messenger, Telegram has emerged as a prominent global media platform —  from Iran to Belarus news outlets and journalists are relying on the messenger. 

Telegram provides an unusual set of tools for publishers, allowing them to combine privacy features and mass distribution firepower. In countries with authoritarian regimes, the platform also provides a good way to circumvent internet censorship. 

Telegram groups allow communication with up to 200,000 people in a group chat mode and provide fine-grained technical tools for managing the communication flow, such as various admin rights, “slow mode” that limits the amount of messages that could be sent at once and more. Channels meanwhile, which can be both public and private, make it possible to broadcast to unlimited audiences.

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