It's About Time: Six Tried-and-True Ways to Extract Content From Your SMEs

MarketingProfs 12 Jan 2021 03:00

Content creation is one of those tasks organizational leaders must do but rarely find the time for.

Time is our scarcest resource. We're all guilty of shelving work that isn't a top priority, and that is precisely what makes extracting content ideas from executives and internal experts a major challenge for nearly every marketing department.

Business leaders work 9.7 hours per weekday, on average, and conduct business on 79% of weekend days and 70% of vacation days, on average, according to research by Harvard Business School. As much as 72% of their work time is spent in meetings and 32% of their meetings last an hour (38% are even longer).

In light of that, it's difficult for CMOs and corporate content teams to extract knowledge from internal experts, even when they value your efforts—and it's nearly impossible when they don't!

For years, I watched internal marketing teams struggle to develop high-quality, original content specific to their organization, written by their leaders and targeted for their customers. CMOs and content teams often resort to begging ("I'll take you to lunch!") or threats ("Our customers are desperate for direction!") to publish even a single blog post.

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