With over 10,000 paying subscribers, Stat News focuses on diversification

Digiday 02 Dec 2019 05:00

Subscriptions were always going to be a focus for health and science publisher Stat News. Now that they’ve formed the foundation of its revenue, the health care and pharmaceutical publication is focused on finding new ways to generate revenue from its audience.

This fall, Stat News launched a pair of new products separate from its core subscription offering, Stat Plus. Expert Advantage, which it produces in partnership with Slingshot Insights, offers conference calls with leading researchers conducted by Stat reporters. A year’s worth of access costs $500. The company is also selling reports that provide deep dives into topics such as the 2020 presidential candidates’ stances on prescription drug pricing, or profiles of the top 50 venture capitalists investing in biotechnology. The prices of the reports vary, but the cheapest currently available costs $499.

Those extras are part of a longer list of revenue diversification plays Stat has made. Earlier this year the publisher created a full-length documentary that it is entering into film festivals. It also launched its first ticketed event, the Stat Health Summit, which filled out its 250-capacity room. Stat already has two other ticketed events planned for next year.

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