Three Ways to Personalize Your Next ABM Campaign to Close More Deals

MarketingProfs 30 Jul 2020 02:00

Personalization is the B2B marketer's key to a successful account-based marketing (ABM) campaign.

A personal touch can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50%, lift revenues by up to 15%, and increase the efficiency of marketing spend by up to 30%, according to research from McKinsey.

The goal of ABM is to nudge the perfect target into becoming a customer and partner for years to come. To cultivate such meaningful relationships, marketers must get to know their prospects' needs in order to be of service to them.

Here are three ways to make your ABM campaigns stand out.

1. Create content specifically for your target customers

Curating educational material for your prospects is an excellent way to show them how you can provide real value to their specific needs. There's just one catch: You'll need to create more than just top-of-funnel, generic content.

Find ways to repurpose marketing collateral or create new assets that have relevant information for all of your different buyer personas. Identify your targets' vertical-specific interests and pain points, and write about them; these make excellent topics for blog posts, videos, and case studies.

However you reach out, be timely. Work closely with your sales team to identify prospects who are at key points in the sales funnel or who have an upcoming sales meeting. Your outreach will generate organic interest from the prospect to make your sales team's job even easier.

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