Grasp the Mettle: NatWest app launches rallying cry for self-starters

Campaign 08 Jun 2021 03:29

NatWest-backed business account Mettle has released its debut campaign with a rallying cry to self-starters wanting to join the "passion economy".

"The Charge", created by Fold7, features an army of sole-traders, freelancers and side-hustlers charging forward.

Branding those who do what they love as members of the “passion economy”, a voiceover issues a rallying call to those self-starters to join the other five million British adults who already form this army. 

Mettle accounts allow customers to create and send customised invoices and connect to accounting software via their phones.

On what sets Mettle apart from other accounts, chief marketing officer Jack Collier told Campaign: “Previously you'd have to have given up your nine-to-five job and taken a really big leap to be able to test out whether this new thing that you wanted to do has legs, and that takes a lot of risk.

"Now you can test your way into it and say, 'You know what, yes I will. I will sell cakes on the side’, or ‘In my spare time I will teach piano, become a personal trainer or yoga teacher’, whatever it is, and that could be because you really would love to do more of that, or you just want to earn a bit of extra cash.

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