Facebook targets 'stop the steal' content and says Trump ban may be permanent

Guardian Technology 12 Jan 2021 02:52
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Facebook has no plans to lift Trump ban, says Sheryl Sandberg – video
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Facebook is cracking down on content using the phrase “stop the steal”, the rallying cry of Donald Trump supporters who claim without evidence that there was voter fraud in the 2020 elections.

Content supporting the “stop the steal” movement will be removed from the platform, while posts containing the phrase to either condemn it or discuss the topic neutrally will be allowed to remain.

The policy change is the latest effort to target misinformation and the incitement of violence on Facebook, after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday. Social media platforms such as Facebook have traditionally taken a light touch to policing speech posted by politicians, maintaining that people have a right to see statements from their leaders.

But following the riot, social media platforms including Facebook removed Trump’s account and tightened enforcement around misinformation policies.

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