Facebook brings fact-checking service to the UK to take down disinformation

Telegraph 10 Jan 2019 07:49

Facebook has launched its fact-checking service in the UK to deal with pages of disinformation that have become commonplace on the social network.

The website will work with Full Fact, a British fact-checking charity launched in 2010, which will review posts that have been reported by users and rate them based on their accuracy.

Facebook has been dealing with disinformation spreading across the site, from partisan pages spreading smears and lies, hoaxes and users inadvertently posting made-up stories as fact.

Full Fact will first deal with some of the most harmful forms of misinformation, including fake medical stories, false information around terror attacks and election hoaxes.

Politicians have criticised Facebook and other social media companies for their failure to get a grip on disinformation and online attacks.

Facebook admitted last year it had deleted billions of offensive posts and spam in just six months. The website also deleted hundreds of accounts in 2018 that it said were maliciously spreading fake news or appeared to be state-backed misinformation campaigns.

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