How Burger King Singapore has increased its market share, despite coronavirus restrictions

The Drum 04 Sep 2020 01:00
Burger King Germany created paper crowns to advise diners on social distancing rules

When Singapore’s coronavirus circuit breaker measures kicked in, media consumption habits in the country shifted rapidly. Fast-food monarch Burger King has used the opportunity to raise its profile and drive sales.

Singapore's circuit breaker caused a sudden rise in the consumption of digital media, and for marketers, a glut of audiences. To make use of the moment, Burger King needed to serve its fans, and fast.

Irene Tay, marketing director for Burger King in Singapore, tells The Drum that the fast food giant saw an opportunity to drive trial and conversions. So instead of maintaining the status quo, Burger King shifted its media strategy and invested heavily in digital media, while driving more promotions across the board to boost its take-out services.

As a result, Tay claims Burger King was able to eventually grow its market share despite the various restrictions in place. It‘s also taken inspiration from marketing work created in its other locations.

“After weeks of lockdown, we welcomed fans back into the kingdom at the end of June by embracing the ‘new normal‘. We wanted to remind people to be socially responsible when coming back to Burger King by keeping their distance from one another. But of course, we had to do it in true Burger King fashion. So we designed a social distancing crown to keep wearers a safe distance from each other without hindering their enjoyment of their favourite Burger King meals.”

According to Tay, Burger King‘s partnerships with food delivery companies such as Deliveroo, Foodpanda and GrabFood helped keep its app-based delivery service running smoothly. Meanwhile, a surge in demand for its core menu from fans missing Whoppers and Mushroom Swiss Burgers boosted sales.

“We are ready to move forward and to adapt to the new normal,“ she says.

“It’s an ongoing learning journey for us, as well as our guests, to ensure that we deliver the same quality experience regardless of the current circumstance. We have been diligently learning and are constantly looking at new ways to increase our digital capabilities and engage with our guests – be it on social media or in-stores, to keep them coming back for more” she says.

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