Hub’s top takeaways on producing 'help content'

The Drum 10 Jan 2019 01:35
By Oliva Atkins-10 January 2019 13:35pm

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Hub’s Top 5 takeaways on producing help content

As part of its Help, Hero, and Hub series, Hub hosted the ‘Help and How to Content’ event earlier this month, in which a panel of experts discussed tips on creating effective help content.

Panelists included Tom Reding, head of programming & audience at Red Bull Media; Simon Longfellow, head of Steps to Investing; Benedict Cordy, acquisition marketing manager at Whittard of Chelsea; and Hub’s founder, David Hunstone.

Here are the top five takeaways from the event so that you can build and improve your brand’s communication strategy using help content.

Hunstone believes that help content is evergreen; it doesn’t fade with the change of season and it will always be invaluable to you and your customers. This type of content anticipates and answers the questions that people are bound to have. Make it relatable and relevant, so that people can engage with your brand over time.

Additionally, evergreen content can also boost your site’s traffic, improve your SEO offering and increase your keyword rankings as well as your shares on social media.

“Helpful content covers all parts of the customer’s journey,” said Hunstone. This type of content ties you and the consumer together and allows you to go through critical moments that matter. Help content is available for customers during the entire process and offers them support until they make their final purchase.

Cordy revealed how the Whittard of Chelsea team had realized that there was an information gap between tea bag and loose-leaf tea drinkers, which led them to create an instructional loose-leaf tea video. It gained over 5,000 views in just four days. And they were able to establish themselves as a trusted authoritative voice in this space while also promoting their products. Viewers likely to use and find this help content valuable - as they are more inclined to purchase loose leaf tea supplies from Whittard of Chelsea, as an overwhelming majority of people (81%) will recall a product if it has been mentioned in a demonstration.

Making people feel comfortable to interact with your brand in a meaningful way is key to building trust.

Help content makes your brand more personable. It shows that you’re empathetic and that you can understand your customer’s problems and pain points.

It is important for your brand to maintain its level of engagement with your followers and consumers. This can be done easily by using help content as part of your communication strategy.

Red Bull create a string of ‘how-to’ bike films to satisfy their bike fans. This content helps them learn more about bikes and biking, and it’s been a great way to keep consumers engaged with the brand.

Through this series, various panelists will explore all components of the Triple H strategy – Help, Hero and Hub.

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