Gordon Young: The Drum's Can-Do Festival aims to help the industry come back

The Drum 18 May 2020 11:30
By Gordon Young-18 May 2020 12:30pm

Gordon Young, editor of The Drum, offers his insight and opinion on various matters relating to media and marketing.

Gordon Young: The Drum's Can-Do Festival aims to help the industry come back

Next month (15 – 24 June) The Drum will host the brand new Can-Do Festival, a follow-up to The Digital Transformation Festival that took place in March.

The Can-Do Festival aims to help the advertising, media, and marketing sectors bounce back from the current crisis by taking a look at what the industry can expect as it works through and beyond the ongoing pandemic.

Focussing on the core theme of creative disruption, The Drum will talk to industry leaders about how their companies and wider sectors are likely to evolve as a result of the pandemic, as well as how they can drive change through the introduction of new, groundbreaking services and ideas.

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But how will this fusion of tech, data, and medicine transform healthcare? And how can brands help this progress?

The challenges faced by cities have been brought into sharp relief by Covid-19. Data is everything, not only when it comes to protecting densely populated centers from future disease, but also in re-imagining them efficiently when it comes to transport, utility, and communication.


What are the key learnings of how this can now be applied in the future? Is it finally time to abandon the 19th century model of education many argued has actually been limiting the potential of 21st-century kids?


This element of Can-Do will assess why social purpose has to be part of the fabric of any business - and why doing good can also be good for the bottom-line.

The last few months have done a huge amount to redefine the media landscape, but what does this mean in practice?


What does this mean in practice for brands and financial institutions? How will contactless impact consumer behavior in the future? Are we about to see the rise of crypto currencies? And what will be the impact of technology that could see stores becoming staffless as well as cashless?

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