New To Instagram Live? Here's How To Show Up Like A Pro

Entrepeneur 01 Jun 2020 04:15
New To Instagram Live? Here's How To Show Up Like A Pro
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From the entertainment sector to the health and fitness industry, stay-at-home orders have forced many entrepreneurs to improvise and share their skills virtually. Instagram Live has emerged as an outlet of choice for enterprising business owners. Hop on Instagram right now, and you’ll likely see dozens of users and brands either going live or advertising an upcoming live stream.

Though it's becoming more popular in recent months, live-streaming has largely been underestimated. But it won't stay that way for long: Instagram's algorithm rewards live-streaming with additional push notifications and a position at the front of the line in users’ Stories feed, so it's only a matter of time before brands and businesses catch on. Streamers can also see and respond to comments in real time, which opens up the potential to directly communicate with and engage your audience.

If you’re looking to use Instagram Live to create content or even sell virtual services at this time, here are four tips to help give you a running start.

It can sometimes take 15 seconds or more for users to be notified that you’ve gone live; consider preparing an introduction of some kind to fill the dead air time before your guest arrives and is able to join you on your feed.

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