Beyond Great -- a Book Review

Gartner 16 Oct 2020 03:28

Beyond Great seeks to pull together the totality of the modern world around three primary trends and nine strategies for success. That is an ambitious goal, one that the book largely succeeds at doing. But there is a price. Reading this book is like hard rock mining. It takes a lot of effort. You get a steady stream of quartzite – nice but not what you are looking for. Then you hit a vein of gold and your efforts are rewarded. Then it back to pounding hard rocks.

This is not a casual read, or a heavy theme & light substance business book. This book is dense with details, frameworks, paths, case studies and the like. Highly recommended if you have the time and study rather than skim the text. I got the most out of it, by taking notes on the side and almost reconstructing the major points as the dense prose can get in the way.

Here is a summary of some of those notes. The give you an idea what you are working toward when you take on this book.

The authors, all BCG senior partners, provide a solid, integrated and self-supporting view on what leaders need to do to thrive in the future. They describe a future driven by three forces:

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