How to Use Business Text Messaging to Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Entrepeneur 11 Jun 2019 12:00
How to Use Business Text Messaging to Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs
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If you haven’t done the math, tested the entire marketing funnel or set aside the right funds, then you’re likely working too hard and getting nowhere. Marketing is a challenge if you can’t capture the costs. What’s even more important is knowing the results after the spending is done.

Just think about this: for every dollar you spend, let’s say that you get $3.50 back. This is what we all want to know, but you have a consumer to think about first.  

For every day that goes by without you converting those leads you’ve paid money to acquire, you’re losing money. Therefore, the faster you can turn leads into sales, then faster you can grow and scale your sales.

One of the most overlooked tactics (and my personal secret) to optimizing my marketing funnels and growing quickly is to compress the lead conversion time, one way I do this is through business text messaging. Let’s dive in...

The business texting option.

Text messages are fast, effective and friendly, and your smartphone is optimized to receive them. In being “optimized,” we’re suggesting how easy it is to receive a message without opening it up. It will rest on a locked phone screen. Unlike emails, texts will give you an audible notification after arriving. A business text message, believe it or not, has a 98-percent-open rate.

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